Officers & Directors

 Thank You For Your Service To Our Community
President: Cherrie Katayama
President-Elect: Deanna Sweeney
Vice-President: Annie Waller
Secretary: Heidi Smith
Treasurer: Warren Lilly
Immediate Past President: Cathy Nesser


                                                            Term Ends
Steve Auslender                                  Oct. 2023
Kailey Brazile                                       Oct. 2024
Jay Davenport                                      Oct. 2023
Jim Delmore                                         Oct. 2023
Olivia Martinez                                     Oct. 2024

District and Division Officers

Valarie Brown-Klingelhoefer, Cal-Nev-Ha District Governor
Sandy Fisher, Region 10 Trustee
Kevin Anderson, Lt. Governor, Division 24, Cal-Nev-Ha District
Al Strunk, Immediate Past Lt.  Governor, Kiwanis Club of Bay-Osos



Membership: Cathy Nesser
Foundation: President's Advisory Warren Lilly
Finance  and Budget: Warren Lilly
Fundraising: BBQ
Human and Spiritual Values: Al Strunk
Community Services: Melanie Williams-Mahan
Scholarship: Joe Asire
Meeting Programs:
Interclub: Bob Schwenoha
House and Meetings: Jimmy Delmore
Service Leadership Programs (Builder's Club) Bob Schwenoha, Annie Wahler
Youth Activities: Steve Auslender
Scouting Advisor: Warren Lilly
South Bay Community Center Representative: Gary Katayama
Los Osos Chamber of Commerce Representative: Olivia Martinez
Oktoberfest Coordinator Olivia Martinez
To contact any officer use the contact form above and someone will get back to you. Thank you!