Bay-Osos Kiwanis Foundation

What is a Community Foundation?

The Bay-Osos Kiwanis Foundation was established in 2005 to receive, manage and distribute endowed funds that will be used to support the needs of the Los Osos and Morro Bay communities—now and well into the future. Individual donations are combined in a local account, then awarded to non-profit organizations, school programs and community projects. All donated funds stay local and go directly to specified programs. Administrative positions are filled by local Kiwanis members who are community volunteers.

Kiwanians are men and women from all walks of life, united in their commitment to serve their communities, especially children. Since its establishment in 1982, Kiwanis Club of Bay-Osos has raised and distributed funds to local agencies, sports groups and educational programs—more than $50,000 just since 2000. Programs that are currently supported by the Bay-Osos Kiwanis Foundation include:

  • Area Council of the Boy Scouts of America
  • Morro Bay Recreation Programs
  • South Bay Community Center
  • Sports and Academics programs for students in Morro Bay High School, Los Osos Middle School, and Los Osos Elementary Schools

The Foundation also accepts donations ear-marked for other qualified local nonprofit organizations or programs as specified by donors.

How to Donate

There are a variety of ways you can donate, including:
Bequests – A gift, as indicated in your will, can be a set amount of money, part of an estate, a specific asset, or a trust.
Life Insurance – Whether a new policy or an existing one, name the Foundation as owner and beneficiary, or cash in your policy and donate now.
Real Estate – Donate property as investment funds for the Foundation.
Retirement Assets – Name the Foundation as the direct or contingent beneficiary of all, or part of, your IRA, 401(k), 401(b) or other retirement plan.
Appreciated Property – Transfer appreciated property (securities or tangible personal property) and pay no federal capital gains taxes.
Commemorative Gifts – Gifts to the Foundation may be dedicated to the memory of a loved one, such as memorials, or in honor of a living person.
Cash/Checks – Make a one-time donation or give on a pre-determined annual schedule.
The Bay-Osos Kiwanis Foundation is a 501 (c) 3 nonprofit organization.

Fed ID# 68-0572408 Donations are tax deductible.
Call (805) 772-2808 to speak to George Ross or leave a message. A Kiwanis member will call you back as soon as possible.
Bay-Osos Kiwanis Foundation
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Kiwanis Club of Bay Osos
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Los Osos, CA 93412

The Community Foundation.

A community foundation is a charity-based, nonprofit organization dedicated to supporting and strengthening a specific geographical area, like a town or neighborhood. Individuals and organizations donate funds to the foundation, which are then combined and managed by the foundation administrators. Funds are distributed to pre-qualified local organizations in an effort to improve people’s lives and enhance the livability of the community. A foundation is a link between donors and the needs of the community. It connects people with causes, and enables donors to achieve far more together than they could individually. By giving to a foundation, donors can expect maximum tax benefits. There are nearly 700 community foundations across the United States with combined assets of approximately $35 billion.