The Kiwanis Club of Bay-Osos met first in March, 1982, at a wonderful bay-side fine dining house called the ‘Salty Pelican’.

The owner and chef extraordinaire, Ed Coppola, was a charter member. We continued to meet there for twenty four years until our host retired. Bob Darling was the first president of the Club, and Vladimir von Rauner was vice-president. Also present that first year were Pastor Ron Fay, Dr. George Janeway, Dr. Robert Kumabe, Warren Lilly, Donn McClish, George Mew, Roland Muschenetz, Tom Neve, Peter Starlings, Leon van Beurden, and Pastor Paul Ward.

Charter members of the Club who are still members are: George Janeway, Warren Lilly, and Vladimir von Rauner. The Club has been as large as 65 Members and presently has 37 Members.